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About Discover Geological Consultants

Discover Geological Consultants stands as the premier Vancouver mining consultancy, dedicated to delivering unparalleled excellence in trustworthiness, timeliness, and technical expertise. With nearly  four decades of proven experience in the industry, our consultancy has earned a sterling reputation for reliability and innovation. We offer a comprehensive suite of mineral exploration services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, encompassing a wide range of expertise spanning various mineral deposit types. Whether your project involves Volcanogenic Base Metal  deposits, Copper-Gold-Porphyry systems, Sedimentary Phosphate or Uranium occurrences, Vein Silver or Tungsten prospects, or even Coal or Graphite resources, our team of seasoned mining consultants and geology experts possesses the   required skills and knowledge to support you at every stage of development. Furthermore, our in-house marketing department stands ready to assist with packaging and presenting your property to potential investors, ensuring maximum visibility and appeal. By choosing Discover Geological Consultants as your trusted partner, you gain access to a wealth of experience, resources, and strategic insights that are essential for success in today’s competitive mining landscape. Contact us today to discover how we can empower your next mineral exploration project and propel your aspirations to new heights!

Meet Our Mineral Exploration Team

Vancouver Mining Consultant Victor Jaramillo

Victor Jaramillo (P. Geo)

Victor A. Jaramillo, M.Sc.(A), P.Geo. is an international geological consultant with over 30 years’ experience in the mining industry. Mr. Jaramillo holds an M.Sc.A. Degree in Mineral Exploration from McGill University. He has previously held positions with major and junior mining companies as senior project geologist, chief mine geologist and exploration manager. He has been involved in regional exploration, property assessment, resource calculation and mine operations. He has worked in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

Most of Mr. Jaramillo’s experience has been devoted to the exploration, property assessment and mining of gold deposits, and of porphyry type gold-copper deposits. He supervised the team that discovered the Langosta porphyry copper-gold prospect in Mexico, was responsible for the discovery of the Las Lomas porphyry copper-gold prospect in Peru and prepared the first resource calculation for the Santa Rosa gold property in Peru which enabled a production decision to be made soon after.

Jarret Verwimp (P.Geo)

Drawing from a depth of experience in geology and geophysics, Mr. Verwimp emerges as a seasoned professional committed to continual growth and excellence. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Geology, he seamlessly blends traditional geological approaches with cutting-edge geophysical methodologies to unravel the Earth’s mysteries.

From early on in his career, Mr. Verwimp displayed a natural talent for prospect generation and reservoir characterization, employing a diverse range of geological and geophysical tools to generate leads and evaluate prospects. As he progressed professionally, Mr. Verwimp assumed roles of increasing responsibility and complexity including Reserve and Resource Estimation, Economic Analysis, Exploration and Development plans and Strategic Planning.

Beyond technical proficiency, Mr. Verwimp possesses a broad skill set that facilitates seamless data integration across disciplines, fostering comprehensive problem-solving approaches. A dedicated lifelong learner, with a diverse skill set cultivated through hands-on experience, Mr. Verwimp approaches the challenges of today’s mineral and energy landscape with innovation, determination, and an unwavering commitment to exploration and discovery.

Vancouver Mining Consultant Jarret Verwimp